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Penglai Hesheng Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., established in 2007, has a total assets of 600 million RMB yuan, and fixed assets of 300 million RMB yuan. The company plans and develops 100,000 Chinese acres of natural pollution-free ecological farm, from organic fruits and vegetables plants to leisure tourism, from special cultivation, equestrian events to the production of organic fertilizer and the cultivation of high quality seedlings, forms a interactive industry cluster as a whole of “ forestry, husbandry, fishery, entertainment” and other industry. Relying on the advantage of brand, capital, market and technology of the investor, Shandong Highway Engineering Group, the company sets up a brand new industry system with a interaction and circulation of agriculture, leisure and tourism, cultural industry.

Hesheng Company integrates ecological tourism, ecological agriculture with ecological processing industry, mainly including Bohai horse conservation field, foreign thoroughbred horse breeding field, equestrian riding, equestrian tourism, equestrian events, equestrian club, tourism catering; 300 Chinese acres of ecological greenhouse, organic cultivation base of Apple, cherry, grape, blueberry, vegetable planting, 5,000 Chinese acres base of north fine quality fruit trees, which is the world’s largest, 10,000 Chinese acres base of organic apple, 10,000 Chinese acres demonstration base of dwarf apple; Yashan black goat conservation, Yantai black pig conservation, ecological free-range Poultry and fish in forest, reservoir; 200,000 tons of international leading technology bio-organic fertilizer production line.

Hesheng has received such honorary title successively as “Top Leading Enterprises of Yantai City Agriculture Industrialization”, Penglai “Leisure Agriculture Demonstration Sites”, Hesheng organic products “Ten Kinds of Necessary Tourism Commodities of Wonderland Penglai”, Hesheng cucumber “Ten Famous Melon of Yantai City”, Hesheng apple and Samit(one kind of cherry) “Yantai City Brand Fruit”.

Hesheng has been granted successively "Seed Stock Station of Shandong Province Bohai Horse” by Shandong Province Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, “Standardized Demonstration Field of Mutton Sheep” by Ministry of Agriculture, it is also granted “the Breed Conservation & Livestock Farm” of Yantai Black Pig, the national excellent livestock variety and of the Black woolen Goat, the national level livestock genetic resources, the livestock of the pheasants and the Quality Certification of CHTC/CNAS organic food & vegetables. Together with universities, Hesheng builds many research bases. For instance, Beijing Forestry University Scientific Research base, the experimental demonstrative base of national public beneficial industry(agricultural industry)scientific project(horse reproduction technology、Bohai Warmblood horse seed selection、horsing culture industry park),original horse seed farm in Bohai, studio of Taishan Scholars in Shandong Academy of Social Science, and Teaching Experimental Base of China Agricultural University Horse Research Center.

Preserve the Bohai Horse, Breed Excellent Variety Horse

As a company devoted itself to the protection of national Bohai original breed horse and to the establishment of the largest Bohai horse conservation base, its Bohai original breed horse farm is affirmed by Shandong Province Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary. Among the Bohai horses at present, there are more than 200 adults and more than 100 common maria. With nearly hundred of pure young colts reproduced annually, the schemed amount of livestock on land will reach 2000. By building excellent variety reproduction base and bringing in such famous and precious breeds as high-qualified and pure-blooded German warmblood horses, Arabian horses, British thoroughbred horses to make hybrid optimization with the Bohai horses, Hesheng has already owns more than 100 exotic famous horses, including the newly-born horses, and this number is increasing dozens by dozens every year.

Peilai Baxian Pavilion in North, Hesheng Baima Park in South

There are at present such precious breeds as Bohai horses, German warmbloods, Arabian horses, Britain thoroughbred horses, Argentine Fasu highblood horses, Falabellas, American polo horses, Shetland horses, Turkmenistan Ferghana horses, ect.. Hesheng has already come to terms with China Horse Industry Association on the construction of a 600 acres “China Baima Park” to bring globally-famous horses together in Penglai and to set up such equestrianism events as famous horse display, royal equestrian feast, horse speed racing, modern jump, dressage, Western Cowboy Barrel Racing and mini polo. All this will forge a new tourism highlight in Penglai, which together with the peripheral professional horsemanship facilities of international level, will make the “China Baima Park” the external window and international communication platform of horsing industry and horsemanship of Penglai, thus driving ahead regional horsing industry and tourism industry.

Forge Horse Racing Economic Chain, Boost High-End Leisure Industry

As the excellent variety reproduction base of Jinan international race course which is subordinated to the shareholder Shandong Highway Engineering Group, Hesheng race course is liable for the reproduction and training of the high-end racing horses. It has already completed many German-style & high-standard horse stable, and is now constructing 240 kilometers internationally-standardized endurance race track. As a training field which is well equipped both outdoors and indoors and as the training base of China Horsemanship Association, Hesheng is capable of undertaking large-scale international endurance race. Hesheng, united with Jinan International Race Course , worked to forge a horsing economic chain by running horsing industry in Jinan and Penglai simultaneously, forming a industry linkage between raising, training, racing, and riding. After the construction, the race course is up to international stand when there is a game , and it will host such following competitions as international endurance race track, horse speed racing, dressage and horsemanship space obstacle race. Non-competition, it’s a equestrian theme park combining Exercise, leisure and ecology. It can boost high-end industry, and meet the needs of the horse lovers and high-end leisure market. Meanwhile, with the support of the government, the race course has introduced in succession upstream, midstream and downstream industries and services relevant with racing. At the same time, combing with its preliminary-scale comprehensive industrial base of ecological agriculture, it will create a racing-centered high-end tourism industry chain with Hesheng Racecourse.

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