Horse Industry

Hesheng, devoted itself to the protection of national Bohai original horse seeds, is affirmed by Shandong Province Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary as Bohai original seed farm. Aiming at forging the seed conservation base of Bohai horse in China, it now owns more than 100 Bohai adult horses. It has already completed the construction of excellent-breeds reproduction base, introduced high-qualified and pure-blooded German warmbloods, Arabian horses, Britain thoroughbred horses and other excellent breeds to hybridize with and optimize Bohai horses. It has already reproduced more than 40 stags and dozens of excellent horses will be reproduced every year. This farm will be vibrant with the stock of horses.

As the excellent variety reproduction base of Jinan international racecourse which is subordinated to the shareholder Shandong Highway Engineering Group, Hesheng racecourse is liable for the reproduction and training of the high-end racing horses. It has already completed many German-style & high-standard horse stable, and is now constructing 200 kilometers internationally-standardized endurance race track. As a training field which is well equipped both outdoors and indoors and as the training base of China Horsemanship Association, Hesheng is capable of undertaking large-scale international endurance race.

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