To implement “the 11th five-year plan” of National Bio Industry Development, Penglai Hesheng Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., following the sustainable efficient ecological agriculture development plan, making the most of animal wastes from company subordinate aquaculture enterprises and surrounding area, focusing on the actual efficacy of the high-end technology and products, relying on the R & D and of such scientific research institutes as Soil and Fertilizer Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Plant Nutrition Institute of China Agricultural University, Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc., is currently planning the construction of biological organic fertilizer project, 200,000 tons of annual output.

Invested by Penglai Hesheng Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., Yantai Hesheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd., relying on the parent company to develop and construct 100,000 acres of efficient ecological agriculture park as a test site, taking technical cooperation with China Agricultural University, Shandong Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other scientific research institutions, researches and develops efficient biological organic fertilizer technology, carries out manurial experiment with Organic apples, cherries, grapes, blueberries, vegetables in company Park, and succeeds, and receives high evaluation. The product: Well Quality, High Efficiency and Client Satisfaction.

The company exploits the advantages of technology research and development to the full, constructs high-tech research and development system, produces high-quality product, improves agricultural service system, serves the market demand wholeheartedly. Our company develops four major series of the products: “Jun Le nong” (Chinese Pinyin) series of biological organic fertilizer, Bumper Harvest “6+1” series of blended fertilizer, calcium ammonium nitrate magnesium, Defense fertilizer. After the completion of the project, it can solves better the utilization of wastes in livestock and agriculture for energy purposes, reduces environmental pollution, and provides pollution-free, green, organic agricultural project with high quality, high efficiency and safe Biological organic fertilizer.

The total investment of this project divided into two phases, is 96 million RMB yuan. The production of the first phase is 80 thousand tons and invests 22 billions RMB yuan. Its covering area is 40 acres, construction area is 14.6 thousand square meters. The first phase builds 3 production workshops: bio- bio-fermentation bio-fermentationfermentation, granulation, mixing, four production lines, and uses high temperature aerobic composting technology to make microorganism of product reaches 3 billion/g, organic matter 45--60%.

The investment of the second phase is 63 million RMB yuan. Its covering area is 100 acres, construction area is 31.6 thousand square meters. The company will constructs 6 production lines: microbial agents, microbial liquid fertilizer, microbial compound fertilizer, biological organic -inorganic compound fertilizer, generally forms the production capacity of microbial fertilizer 200 thousand tons annual year.

The construction of the project insists modern agriculture requirements: zero discharge of waste, promotes the development of aquaculture industry, green vegetable planting, tourism in surrounding area, and makes a contribution to the sustainable development of Penglai high-effective agriculture and tourism.

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