Tourism Industry

Penglai, is a costal city famous for its tourist attractions and historical culture. With numerous scenic spots and historical sites, long historic culture, brilliant fairytales and distinct costal characteristics, it is famous as “Fairyland on earth” with the National Five A tourist attraction Penglai Pavilion which is famous both at home and abroad. Hesheng Agriculture With the help of Penglai tourism resources and taking advantages of, Hesheng Agriculture moves tourism. Around the horse culture theme, Hesheng packages and designs more engaging and interactive tourism products, including Penglai Watertown, Leisure-Culture Square, Qi Jiguang Hometown, Equestrian and so on. It will adds a new bright spot to Penglai tourism, and creates a new tourism structure of “Sea in North, Mountain in South, Pavilion in North, Horse in South.”

Hesheng will take further advantages of horse resources and give priority to the development of horsing culture industry to establish a nationally- first-class horsing club. It plans to constructs the Baima Park, horsing culture and artwork exhibition hall, large-scale indoor horsing show field, indoor riding and exercising club, horsing school and riding training stadium. It follows the mainline of horsing culture communication, large-gymnasium horsing service and horsing culture industry linkage extension. It is equipped with 3,600 square-meter classy club and leisure service like accommodations and caterings so as to satisfy the multidirectional demands of horsing fans. It has already developed carriage parade, fancy horsing performance and other tourism products to render more people the opportunity to experience the elegance and passion from the events.

To satisfy numerous city-dwellers’ demand for leisure tourism and to feel close to nature and back to pureness, the Garden gives high priority to the development of leisure-oriented agriculture and riding tourism, develops rural civilization agriculture, health-maintenance, camping training, riding picking, riding hunting and other tourism products. With these events available, tourists will experience and learn a lot while participating and enjoying the trip, and it feels like they are back to the nature enjoying the countryside scenery.

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